Factors to See in an Exhibition Stand Designer

A good exhibition stand designer in Dubai should be able to render the finished stand. The renderings should show close-ups and eye-level views, giving an overall picture of the stand. It should also reflect the design that you want for your stand. Many designers will use photo-editing software such as photoshop to enhance the renders, adding lighting effects and other effects. Ask for examples of these renders before you hire your designer.

Communication skills:

When choosing an exhibition stand designer, consider the communication skills they possess. The best stand designers take time to understand the culture and goals of your company. If your stand is a major draw at a trade show, they should be able to communicate with you on those goals. It is important to hire someone with strong communication skills to help you create an effective display. Read on to discover more about the skills of a great exhibition stand designer.

Be sure they have trained staff:

Make sure the company you are hiring has a staff trained to handle questions from prospective customers. You don’t want visitors to feel intimidated, so make sure your staff has great confidence in asking questions. During an exhibition, it’s important to make sure that everyone is pleasant and approachable. Make sure your stand designers are friendly, approachable, and trained in proper etiquette so you don’t alienate your customers.

Organizational skills:

You should be able to assess the organizational skills of an exhibition stand designer before entrusting them with your project. You can ask about their professional history, portfolio, and previous work. Experienced designers can become freelancers, and those who have been with exhibitions for many years may have a network of contacts in the industry. If you are hiring a stand designer on a freelance basis, check for the necessary credentials.

Teamwork skills:

It would help if you looked for teamwork skills in an exhibition stand designer, as these are essential for the stand’s success. You may be able to tell a lot about an individual based on their work, but if you can’t see it in action, it can be hard to judge if they have these skills in practice. Teamwork skills include collaboration, influencing, interpreting, compromising, and ignoring ego. These skills are vital in business and are highly valued by prospective employers.

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