Myths about the Keto Diet Plan

Many myths surround the keto diet plan in Dubai. While there are some benefits, you need to know what to expect. The goal is to lose weight by burning body fat, not water. People who follow a ketogenic diet can reduce their headaches and body weight, as well as prevent the onset of depression and other negative effects of low blood sugar. There are no strict rules about how much protein and carbohydrates should be consumed on this diet. If you’re not sure if this is right for you, read on.

Misconception# 1 will result in muscle loss

One of the main misconceptions surrounding a keto diet plan is that it will result in muscle loss. A study published found that drinking green tea on a keto diet plan was not effective for weight loss. Green tea has been shown to have no positive impact on the body’s ability to store and use fat. In addition, a randomized controlled trial found that people who tried the keto diet were more likely to lose weight and gain muscle mass than those who followed a normal diet.

Misconception# 2 it is harmful to muscles

Another common myth about a keto diet plan is that it is harmful to muscles. The exact opposite is true. A low-carb diet can increase muscle mass and help people exercise more. The key is to have a positive nitrogen balance. Ideally, your body will be in a positive nitrogen balance, so a low-carbohydrate diet will not have any negative effect on your muscle.

Misconception# 3 it is only good for athletes

One myth is that a ketogenic diet is only good for athletes. It doesn’t promote weight loss. Instead, it causes the body to burn fat. However, ketogenic diets can make muscle gains. But it’s important to understand how these differences affect the body before you decide on the right diet for you. The plan promotes healthy fats over bad fats. It’s not about calories. It’s about carbs.

The ketogenic diet is great for people who are trying to gain muscle mass. It can increase the amount of muscle. But you must ensure that the amount of nitrogen is balanced between the protein and the fats. If you’re losing too much nitrogen, you’ll gain less muscle, so your diet must be balanced.

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