The Basic Rules to Learn About Volleyball

Volleyball has many rules, but these are the basic ones to understand. The court is divided into two parts, and there are six players. A player serving back must rotate one position clockwise after each serving. Only three players can jump or spike near the net. The backcourt player can only hit the ball over the net if they jump from the attack line, which separates the front and back portions of the court. There are great benefits of learning volleyball for beginners. This article will help you get started if you are new to volleyball.


There are different types of sets used in volleyball. Some of these types of sets have lower or higher tempos. The slow tempo is used with new hitters. The high trajectory helps new hitters attack the ball. They can also hit it down into the opposite court, but they may not be as polished as the experienced hitters. The main advantage of this type of set is that it allows the hitter to react quickly.


Before starting your volleyball training, you should learn about the proper technique and the basics of hitting hard with your spikes. Players have different codes for their right and left feet in many volleyball teams. Regardless of your side, you must follow the rules set forth by your team. Listed below are some of the most important rules to learn about volleyball spikes and how to use them properly.


When playing volleyball, blocks are essential. Typically, two players take turns as blockers, one covering the entire network while the other fills the gap. These blocks prevent the ball from passing through the hands of the opponent. The primary blocker is responsible for this task, while the other teammate must assist by lining up as close to the attacker as possible. The primary blocker is responsible for blocking the opposing team’s hitter.


One important rule of volleyball is rotation. The team rotates servers every time they win possession of the serve. The player in front of the server becomes the next server, and so on. In a basic volleyball game, rotation moves counter-clockwise. The first server is in position #1, while the second server is in position #2. Positions three and four are in the middle of the front row, while positions five and six are on the sides of the court.

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