Cleaning the face is an essential part of a regular skin care regime, especially before going to bed. It is a basic step that should never be skipped especially for women who wear makeup on a daily basis. From using special cleansers to ensuring all traces of makeup are vanished, use of best make up removal products is essential for them. If you also wish to avoid clogged pores and skin gone haywire, use one of the best Body Shop products and maintain proper cleaning schedule for your skin.

Oily Skin
If you have oily skin, it is most important for you to removing make up using a cleanser that must be able to remove excess oil as well as be hydrating enough to avoid stripping the skin of moisture. Use a makeup remover with a gentle yet effective formula. Never go for the cheapest product instead turn to buy from a reputed brand for perfect results. 

Sensitive Skin
It is quite a challenge to find a makeup cleanser for sensitive skin because there are various harsh chemicals out there that can possibly do more harm than good to the skin. You need to look for a makeup remover with the right skin protecting ingredients, but what good will it offer if it does not effectively remove makeup? There are some makeup removers containing cleansing milk that have proved to be the perfect choice for sensitive skin for their milk based formula. Some contain organic ingredients like skin soothing Aloe Vera, vitamins A, C, and E which are powerful antioxidants and essential for skin regeneration and also essential oils with powerful healing properties.

Remover Overall- Tips

Ask your dermatologist for the appropriate products based on your skin type.

Search the internet for some common tips for removing makeup using home remedies.

Always use a clean towel or chemical free facial wipes to remove make-up.

Buy a make-up remover that not only removes all traces of makeup, dirt and excess oil but simultaneously leave your skin clean and clear without any of the residue.

For sensitive and acne prone skin, opt for products with moisturizing and non-irritating ingredients.

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