The Basic Plumbing Tools Every Plumber Should Have

A set of basic plumbing tools is necessary for any plumber in Dubai. You might not need a full set, but a basic wrench is necessary for various tasks. Other plumbing tools include slip joint pliers, locking pliers, and needle-nose pliers. These tools are also important because you may not be aware of the interior layout of pipes. Long-nosed pliers, a wrench, and an adjustable wrench are also necessary.

Drain snake:

If you’re in the business of plumbing and repair, you’ve no doubt heard of the drain snake. This handy tool consists of a long, flexible cable that is uncoilable and inserted into the drain to remove clogs. When the snake reaches the clog, the user should gently move the snakehead back and forth to clear it. There are only two types of wrenches designed specifically for plumbing: a hex wrench.

Faucet key:

A faucet key is a small X-shaped tool that opens and closes sillcocks and spigots. This tool can be purchased separately or in sets of multiple sizes. It is a basic tool but can be very useful for certain projects. A 4-way sillcock key set includes a variety of sizes, including metrics. It is small and lightweight and can be stored in a survival kit.

Long-nosed pliers:

A plumbing toolbox should have the basic tools needed for basic home projects. A plumber’s toolbox should include long-nosed pliers, adjustable wrenches, and various sizes. It’s also helpful to have some of each type of wrench on hand, as most plumbers carry several different sizes. Long-nosed pliers should be long enough to reach the smallest holes in pipe fittings, such as valves.

Adjustable wrench:

An adjustable wrench is a versatile tool essential for any plumbing project. Plumbers use it for many things, including tightening pipes, adjusting water valves, and installing air-conditioning systems. It also makes it possible to cut any type of nut or bolt. Most plumbing tool sets contain different sizes of wrench. It’s useful to have a variety of wrenches at home if you have to tackle more than one type of pipe. If you’re working on a sink faucet, this tool is essential for fixing it.

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